Darcy Fast  - Author / Speaker / Consultant
"Darcy Fast was a 6-foot 3-inch, left handed-pitcher who shot through the Cubs minor league system.  He made it to Chicago mid-way through his second professional season.  Tell me a better name for a pitcher, Bill Hands? Rollie Fingers? Jack Armstrong? Bob Walk? Give me Darcy Rae Fast anytime." Mike Murphy - Chicago Sportswriter
I shared with Darcy those exciting but mostly agonizing days with the Cubs in the Leo Durocher era.  We chased our dreams of the Major Leagues, but mostly we were faced with the politics and power-wielding specter of "Leo Durocher" in Chicago.  He caused most of us to question our dream of the Major Leagues.  I know I did.  He made it tough on young guys.  I was lucky, I was traded and I pursued my baseball dreams.  Darcy was insightful (maybe with Leo's help) and he was shown his life's calling.  I remember him as a teammate and thought we would win the World Series together." Jim Colburn, Pitching Coach & Scout - Los Angeles Dodgers & Texas Rangers
"The Missing Cub is a must read blend of Cubs history and the path a man can take through life to find his purpose."Clayton Walker, Writer - Los Angeles
 Nolan Ryans's Top Ten Names Born to Pitch
"Jay Hook, John Strike, Early Wynn, Mike Palm, Chief Bender, Darcy Fast, Rollie Fingers, Bill Hands, Bob Walk & Erik Plunk." Nolan Ryan - King of The Hill
"The mark of a successful man is not what he takes out of life, but rather what he gives to it.  Darcy Fast didn't give up on a dream: he simply pursued a different one that has had far greater meaning.  This book is for all of us who face the challenge of determing who we are and what we are here to do." Chris Sperry, Baseball Coach - University of Portland.
"I know Darcy Fast personally and he is a man of integrity, strength, and is an inspiration to us all.  He has fulfilled every young boy's dream, and yet he has ultimately followed a more divine plan - God's plan." Lyle Overbay, First Baseman - Arizona Diamondbacks
"Darcy Fast is one of those guys who can walk into a room and be noticed.  Not because he is self-promoting in any way, but because he displays a kind of quiet confidence that turns heads and inspires others to learn more.  About life.  About understaning where we have been and where we are going.  About finding a place and a peace in this world that everyone, fundamentally, longs to discover.
Darcy's story is the stuff of dreams.  Dreams once realized, and then lost, and then found again.  It is, in many ways, a narrative of what every boy growing up dreams, but cannot achieve.  More importantly, though, this is a story that could be ours as well.  And that's what makes this book a must read.  Maybe, just maybe, by reading Darcy's story, you will find your own." Jim Lyon, Pastor & Host - CBH Viewpoint